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canada Direct

Canada Direct → is a program designed specifically for US-based companies looking for supply chain solutions in the Canadian marketplace. We have been helping companies across North America for over 25 years establish not only presence in the Canadian marketplace but also a trustworthy and reliable reputation, without the costly logistics infrastructure.

How do we do it? – Our Canada Direct → ship program consolidates loads on single line hauls into Canada, reduces customs entries, deconsolidates and cross-docks product at any one of our strategically selected locations and distributes the product at the request of our clients.

Through our Canada Direct → program, we pride ourselves on our ability to customize solutions that meet the exact needs of our clients and their supply chain through any of our program features:

  • Single point of contact
  • Cross docking/ consolidate/ deconsolidate
  • Stuffing/ de-stuffing containers
  • Transportation scheduling/appointments
  • Multi-level transportation (LTL, small packages)
  • Reverse logistics/ returns processing
  • Online visibility
  • Warehousing
  • Order processing
  • Product packaging and reworking
  • Pick & pack